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Survivor is one of the more frustrating and nerve-wracking titles to pursue. The tiers in this title are all earned by achieving a certain amount of experience without dying even once.

The ranks ?

Rank 1 - 140.600 xp - Survivor [LVL20]
Rank 2 - 587.500 xp - Indomitable Survivor
Rank 3 - 1.337.500 xp - Legendary Survivor

How become survivor in Presearing ?

It's actually impossible to be survivor in Presearing legally ^^ Hey yep sorry cutting you so quickly ! Officially only one German reached the rank 1 at the very beginning of game when a quest was buged... If the bug was not corrected, the rank 3 was reachable.

He was holding Legendary Defender of Ascalon and Survivor before to leave Presearing. He continued his survivor title in post and he reached r3.

Legendary Survivor + Legendary Defender of Ascalon

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