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+ The Quests

Compl&e listing :

Quests for all :

Message from a Friend [Ascalon] : 100xp.
War Preparations [Ascalon] : 250xp.
Adventure with an Ally [Lakeside County] : 100xp ans Resurrection Signet.
A Second Profession [Ascalon] : 250xp.
Trouble in the Woods [Ascalon] : 500xp.
The Wayward Wizard [Ascalon] : 250xp.
The Poison Devourer [Ascalon] : 250xp.
Further Adventures [Lakeside County] : 250xp.
The Rogue's Replacement [Lakeside County] : 250xp.
Gwen's Flute [Lakeside County] : 250xp.
A Gift for Althea [Lakeside County] : 250xp.
Poor Tenant [Ascalon] : 500xp.
Bandit Raid [Ascalon] : 250xp.
Across the Wall [Lakeside County] : 250xp.
Charr in the Catacombs [Ascalon] : 250xp.
Charr at the Gate [Ascalon] : 200xp.
Opposition to the King [Ashford] : 500xp.
Uns&tling Rumors [Ashford] : 250xp.
Little Thom's Big Cloak [Ashford] : 250xp.
The Hunter's Horn [Ashford] : 500xp.
Tithe for Ashford Abbey [Ashford] : 250xp.
The Worm Problem [Ashford] : 250xp.
The Prize Moa Bird [Ashford] : 250xp.
The True King [The Barradin Estate] : 750xp.
The Orchard [Regent Valley] : 250xp.
Rites of Remembrance [Catacombes] : 250xp.
The Egg Hunter [Lakeside County] : 150xp.
The Path to Glory [Ascalon] : 100xp.

Quests for specifics professions :

Elementalist :

Elementalist Test * [Lakeside County] : Flare, Aura of Restoration & 500xp.
The Elementalist Experiment [Wizard's Folly] : Fire Storm, Aura of Restoration (secondary profession), Glyph of Lesser Energy & 250xp.
The Supremacy of Air [Foible's Fair] : Lightning Javelin, Blinding Flash & 250xp.

Warrior :

Warrior Test * [Lakeside County] : Frenzy, Healing Signet & 500xp.
Grawl Invasion [Green Hills County] : Sever Artery, Gash, Healing Signet (secondary profession) & 250xp.
Warrior's Challenge [The Barradin Estate] : Hammer Bash, Frenzy & 250xp.
The Vineyard Problem [The Barradin Estate] : Executioner's Strike, Cyclone Axe & 250xp.

Ranger :

Ranger Test * [Lakeside County] : Power Shot, Troll Unguent & 500xp.
The Ranger's Companion [Regent Valley] : Charm Animal, Comfort Animal, Troll Unguent (secondary profession) & 250xp.
A Test of Marksmanship [Regent Valley] : Read the Wind, Point Blank Shot & 250xp.
Unnatural Growths [Wizard's Folly] : Ignite Arrows, Dual Shot & 250xp.

Monk :

Monk Test * [Lakeside County] : Healing Breeze, Banish & 500xp.
A Monk's Mission [Abbey Ashford] : Bane Signet, Orison of Healing & 250xp.
The Blessings of Balthazar [Abbey Ashford] : Retribution, Symbol of Wrath & 250xp.
Protection Prayers [Green Hills County] : Reversal of Fortune, Shielding Hands & 250xp.

Mesmer :

Mesmer Test * [Lakeside County] : Empathy, Ether Feast & 500xp.
A Mesmer's Burden [Lakeside County] : Conjure Phantasm, Ether Feast (secondary profession), Imagined Burden & 250xp.
Domination Magic [Foible's Fair] : Backfire, Shatter Delusions & 250xp.

Necromancer :

Necromancer Test * [Lakeside County] : Vampiric Gaze, Deathly Swarm & 500xp.
The Necromancer's Novice [Catacombs] : Animate Bone Horror, Life Siphon, Deathly Swarm (secondary profession) & 250xp.
The Power of Blood [Green Hills County] : Blood Renewal, Vampiric Touch & 250xp.
The Accursed Path [Catacombs] : Faintheartedness, Soul Barbs & 500xp.

The quests with a * are only avaible if it's your first proffession.

To win more xp without validate a second proffession, please look this video.

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