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+ GWMulti 1.5

How launch several Guild Wars on the same computer ?

Before any things, know that you use this program at your own risk.
A big config is needed to make turn several games at the same time.

Now the tutorial :

1. Go in your Guild Wars directory.

2. Copy the directory (with Guild Wars closed).


3. In an other repertory, paste the copy.


4. Run GW-MultiC1.5.

4.1. Unzip it.


5. Parameter it like this. (still with Guild Wars closed)

5.1. GW Original - Click on Load to choose your main directory.

5.2. GW1 - Click on Load et choose the same directory as the main.
5.3. Next Click on Patch - Launch GW1 with Run.

5.4. GW2 - Click on Load ans choose the directory you copy before.
5.5. Next Click on Patch - Launch GW2 with Run.

5.6. GW3 and GW4 - Same as GW GW2 with two others directory.

5.7. Active Backup option.

Importante note : After each game update you need to repatch files one by one.


Compatibility :

Windows XP 32bits and 64bits
Windows Vista 32bits and 64bits
Windows Seven 32bits and 64bits.

See the tutorial in video ? Click here !

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